Welcome to Vintage Gypsy Art

I have always been making art, and worked to enjoy a creative aspect in my life at all times. In the last 10 years, I feel that I have found my voice as an artist with Mixed Media Abstracts.  I found that using collage and abstract images more reflected my style, and in each artwork I could create little vignettes with vintage papers and colors that people could relate to and find beauty in. 

I love the written word (and love to read!)  I am really drawn to old books, ephemera and vintage papers that tell a story all on their own. I am greatly inspired when I find an old textbook or piece of literature that has pencil scribblings in it, or I find an old bookmark or some typing on a thin piece of paper tucked away. By adding these findings to my art, I am adding to their story, and hopefully creating a story that someone else can see and enjoy. 

The art work below is called Endpapers. Endpapers are the decorative pieces of paper you find in the inside front and back covers of books.  For this piece, the teal leaf printed papers were the endpapers of an old novel published in 1921, hence the art deco type style.  Also used in this piece is the webbing from the novel's spine, vintage stamps, a ledger paper dated in handwritten pencil, as well as India ink and gold leaf. Most of the paint I use is acrylic, but I also will dabble in watercolors.

My galleries on this website are divided into 4 areas - Ephemera, Nature, Historical, and Mindful. As I blog along, I hope to highlight each gallery and the pieces that are in them, telling my creative story so that you can become familiar with them. I placed Endpapers in the Mindful Gallery, because I feel like it is a type of piece that can be reflected on with a new perspective gleaned each time. Endpapers would make a great print for a quiet home office, or a calming yoga mat or acrylic tray. It is exciting that my art and these old book stories can go on to find a place in the world to continue telling stories for new people. May you find inspiration and joy as you browse through this site!